Payz Affiliate Programme

πŸš€ Program NamePayz Affiliation
πŸ’° CommissionsRS 20%
πŸ“‰ Accepted CountriesItaly
⏳ Cookie Duration30 Days
βœ… Approval Time72 Hours
πŸ“ RegistrationClick here
Programma di Affiliazione Payz

Payz is a payment solutions provider that offers instant, secure, and convenient transaction services worldwide. Payz customers can, therefore, open a digital wallet in minutes, conveniently managing their money and using integrated services such as payment cards.

All this, while benefiting from very competitive and advantageous conditions, will make its offer even more irresistible.

The good news does not end there, however. Payz also has an affiliate program that you should not underestimate. Becoming a Payz affiliate is very simple and will provide you with immediate contact with a personal affiliate manager with whom you can grow as an affiliate immediately and thus increase your income.

Why become a Payz affiliate with Affiliation Bet?

Before understanding the Payz affiliate program’s features, however, let me remind you right away that you have a practical alternative available to access these and other programs and, in so doing, significantly increase your income: Affiliation Bet.

Affiliation Bet is an affiliate network for gambling, online poker, sports betting, and e-wallets that gives you access to a complete package of services to develop interactions and earnings.

Affiliates of Affiliation Bet will have access to customizable, flexible, and competitive revenue share agreements, fast and transparent commission payments, dedicated support, and comprehensive daily reporting on revenue, deposits, and commissions.

In short, these advantages cannot be underestimated, especially in a landscape where news of missed payments, canceled commissions, and non-existent customer care services are, unfortunately, the order of the day.

The benefits will not fail to be appreciated immediately. Think of the great convenience you can enjoy with Affiliation Bet. Instead of individual affiliate programs with each provider, you can manage all your partnership programs seamlessly and seamlessly from a single platform!

Diventare affiliato di questo programma

Advantages of the Payz affiliate program

Returning to Payz, there are numerous affiliate program benefits that I advise you not to underestimate and that could decisively convince you to embrace this plan with confidence. Moreover, becoming a Payz affiliate also means promoting a top-notch service package full of benefits such as:

  • International guarantee: Payz’s products and services have a first-rate international guarantee, which will allow all customers of this service access to a well-structured plan of benefits, available not only in Italy but in all the many countries where Payz’s payment services are currently available. This is an extra reassurance for all those considering positively evaluating access to this program.
  • Personal and business accounts: Payz has personal and business accounts, with services dedicated to different types of customers. Customers who choose to become Payz users will, therefore, be able to choose their profile and, as a result, have access to a network of products that will reflect their needs for using transactional tools in Italy and the rest of the world in a dedicated manner.
  • Several card options: Payz has several payment card options so that all customers can find the best combination of convenience and functionality. Of course, all cards can be used internationally, ensuring no borders when using these payment instruments.
  • Transaction fees: Payz offers a very convenient pricing system, with transaction commissions that are quite affordable and competitive, especially when compared with the alternatives available domestically. One can, therefore, have a set of payment cards to use with serenity in Italy and abroad, with zero or very low commissions.
  • Quick account verification: Verifying your Payz account is very quick. Once you have completed the registration process and provided your details, proof of residence, and a copy of your valid identity documents, the Payz staff will immediately check your account and allow you to use the company’s services conveniently.
  • Exclusive assistance: Another major benefit that I would like to emphasize is the presence of exclusive assistance that does not fail to impress with the promptness and clarity of the answers that can be obtained. You can get all the information you need either through the Help section of the Payz website or by direct contact via a form on the website or social networks.

How to become a Payz affiliate on Affiliation Bet?

By now, you may have found it particularly interesting to read this information about Payz. You may have realized that becoming a Payz affiliate could be a cost-effective way to increase your income. But how do you become a Payz affiliate on Affiliation Bet, the leading affiliate network for electronic payments?

Doing so is very simple. All you have to do is log on to the Affiliation Bet website and then click on the Join button, which you will find at the top right of every page on the portal.

At this point, you will have to enter your main data (email, password, and password confirmation), and your data (with different information depending on whether your user profile is a company or a natural person) and complete the registration with the last data that will allow us to create your private profile.

Once this is done, you must wait for the Affiliation Bet staff to approve the account. Don’t worry, though: the procedure is very quick, considering that the team is available 24 hours a day. Therefore, account activation usually occurs the same day the request is made.

Once you have been given the green light to operate, all that remains for you is to choose the affiliations that you think would be most conducive to your business, apply for their activation through Affiliation Bet, and thus obtain a practical form of monetization!

At any time, I would like to remind you that you have Affiliation Bet’s customer care at your disposal, which is always ready to respond to any of your needs. As a rule, customer care answers on the same day the ticket is sent.

Giorgio Comotti

Giorgio ComottiI’m Giorgio Comotti, the driving force behind Affiliation Bet. With more than a decade of expertise in affiliation and gambling, I’ve dedicated myself to mastering this sector. This platform offers top-tier CPA and affiliate RS for ADM/AAMS casinos, alongside the latest industry insights. My extensive understanding of gaming platform intricacies ensures you maximize your traffic monetization effectively.

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