Online Casinos Sub-Affiliation

Sub-affiliation allows you to earn money without sending your leads directly to online casinos but by earning on partners who register to your affiliate network from the link you send them.

It is a passive earning method to monetise various verticals, such as casinos, betting, poker and more. The mechanism is very simple:

  1. Register with Affiliation Bet by clicking here.
  2. Please enter your data where requested.
  3. Copy your sub-affiliation link and send it to your contacts.
  4. You receive 2% on all turnover generated by them for life.

Why is it worth working in casino sub-affiliation?

Managing a site requires commitment, perseverance, and resources. You need writers, SEOs, proofreaders, developers, graphic designers, and more. Earning money will be the last piece of the puzzle.

With sub-affiliation, this does not happen, and you can generate income by letting others generate leads for you. In addition, you will generate commissions for life with no earnings limit. You will also benefit from a single affiliate panel instead of opening dozens of different panels to take your links. Also, many online casinos do not even offer direct sub-affiliation.

In short, if you have a network of people working in affiliation, thanks to Affiliation Bet’s proposals, you can start earning money immediately without stress or having to build your network of affiliate sites.

Sub-Affiliazione dei Casinò Online

2% commission on profit, no carryover

As I mentioned, Affiliation Bet offers you 2% on lifetime earnings from the total generated by your affiliate network. Quite a generous percentage if we calculate that most affiliate programs average a 1% payout.

Moreover, thanks to our dashboard, we allow you to monitor your sub-affiliate network every month so that you always know how much they generate from their casino or betting affiliate sites.

If your performance proves high over time, you can also discuss the 2 percent rate and adjust it with our affiliate manager to increase your earnings.

Affiliation Bet sub-affiliation verticals

On Affiliation Bet, you can promote several gambling verticals. If you want to know which ones, I leave a list below:

  • Online casino sub-affiliation
  • Sports betting sub-affiliation
  • Online poker sub-affiliation
  • Sub-affiliation wallet

Our deals suit every type of person, be it the webmaster with a network of websites or the tipster with many followers on Instagram, Twitch, or YouTube. Of course, nobody prevents you from sending your sub-affiliate link to your friends via WhatsApp or Telegram so they can sign up anytime and contribute to your earnings.

Also, if you need assistance, our team is always ready to lend a hand and help you, as well as marketing material, to make your experience with us unique and profitable. Don’t waste more time: click the button below and start earning money immediately with your Affiliation Bet gambling network.

Giorgio Comotti

Giorgio ComottiI’m Giorgio Comotti, the driving force behind Affiliation Bet. With more than a decade of expertise in affiliation and gambling, I’ve dedicated myself to mastering this sector. This platform offers top-tier CPA and affiliate RS for ADM/AAMS casinos, alongside the latest industry insights. My extensive understanding of gaming platform intricacies ensures you maximize your traffic monetization effectively.

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