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1. General Provisions

Security and privacy are two key elements that we at Affiliation Bet want to ensure for all users who rely on our platform to manage their network of users to whom we promote betting sites, casinos, and e-wallets. To ensure a secure experience on our site, we are firmly committed to managing and storing user data in a legal, fair, and transparent manner in compliance with EU Regulation 2016/679 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

By visiting the Affiliation Bet website and joining our affiliation program, you entrust us with your data and thus enable us to obtain useful information to further improve our products and the user experience of our visitors.

Therefore, in this privacy policy, we will inform you about what kind of personal data we collect, process, and store and to whom we may provide the collected information. In addition, we will inform users what measures they can take to protect their data and their rights and who they can turn to in a dispute over protecting their data.

Affiliation Bet is a platform that offers affiliate programs on its website Affiliation Bet, henceforth also referred to as ‘website‘ or ‘platform‘, through which affiliates can promote betting sites, online casinos, or e-wallets.

2. Application

Affiliation Bet’s privacy policy applies to anyone who uses its affiliate program, visits its website, or interacts in any way with Affiliation Bet, e.g. as a partner, interested party, or service provider.

3. Use by minors

Affiliation Bet’s products and services are not aimed at people under 18. Only those over 18 may open an account on our site, and we advise against use by those under the age of majority.

4. Responsibility for data management

We at Affiliation Bet are aware of the importance of the careful and controlled handling of personal data, so we ask for your consent to do so before we use your data. Any action we take will be carried out as outlined in this policy and by EU Regulation 2016/679 requirements.

On all pages of our website, we have implemented security systems of the highest quality, and our customer service is available to give any information regarding handling personal data or exercising user rights according to the GDPR.

We emphasize that additional identifying information will be requested for specific requests to ensure the applicant does not share the information provided with third parties.

5. Personal data collected

At Affiliation Bet, we collect data that you share as an account owner or as a visitor to our website, but we may also collect data that is provided to us by our partners. When a user uses Affiliation Bet’s services or interacts with the platform, we may collect the following data:

  • Contact information: when creating a new account on Affiliation Bet or communicating with the customer service department, data such as full name, residential address, website, telephone number, e-mail address, and other contacts (Skype, Discord, WhatsApp…) are collected.
  • Verification information: each account can have different levels of verification, and each one corresponds to different data that are collected, such as telephone number, Skype contact, IP address, and geolocation.
  • Financial information: each time a transaction is made, Affiliation Bet will collect information relating to the user’s email address or the address of their cryptocurrency e-wallet.
  • Login data: during a user’s activities on the platform, Affiliation Bet may collect information such as IP address, browser used, device information, operating system, identification cookies, third-party ..etc.
  • Support: Any data provided to the service operators is collected whenever you contact the Affiliation Bet support service.
  • Marketing information: Whenever you visit Affiliation Bet’s website or social profiles, information is collected for statistical and marketing purposes.
  • Data provided with applications: when a user applies for a job with Affiliation Bet, their data, information on their education and possible work experience, required identity documents, links to portfolios and other projects, social media profiles, etc. will be collected.

6. Scope and legislative background on data management

The principles of the GDPR operate in affiliation with Bet’s data management, and any information collected is subject to your consent. Once you have given your consent, your data may only be used for the purposes set out in this policy, and you may withdraw your consent at any time.

With the user’s consent, Affiliation Bet collects data for marketing and advertising, analysis of activity on the platform, activity on other sites for advertising purposes, and for the recruitment process of new staff.

Affiliation Bet, in compliance with the GDPR, does not collect sensitive data relating to ethnicity, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, or genetic and biometric data.

7. Who can receive the personal data collected

The sharing of personal data with Affiliation Bet is strictly confidential, and the data provided cannot be shared with third parties:

  • Service providers: We may pass on our users’ data to providers of services on our site, such as hosting the website and its infrastructure. These providers may only use the data provided by Affiliation Bet for the services they provide to our site as required by law.
  • Partners: Since Affiliation Bet is an affiliate program, we may share the data of our affiliates with our partners.
  • Public bodies and institutions: We may share our users’ data with investigative and governmental authorities where required by law. Specifically, this includes court orders, subpoenas, and other orders received during a trial or investigation. In addition, we may also share user data if this is necessary for the prevention, detection, and prosecution of illegal acts.
  • Other third parties: Affiliation Bet may also transfer users’ data to other third parties, but only with the person’s consent and to provide services useful for Affiliation Bet’s business.

8. International Data Transfer

Affiliation Bet is available in several countries, and therefore, a user’s data may be stored outside their country of residence. We may also rely on providers outside the European Union, such as in the United States or other countries, to offer our services.

The data protection laws in these countries may differ from those in the European Union. Still, even in these cases, Affiliation Bet is committed to safeguarding your data by the GDPR and in the ways outlined in this policy.

9. Retention period and deletion

The personal data you provide is retained for as long as your Affiliation Bet account is active and for a year after the business relationship between the two parties ends. Personal data processed by Affiliation Bet is deleted when it is no longer required, and this deletion does not conflict with any legal obligation.

10. User rights

Affiliation Bet recognizes and respects your rights under the GDPR, in particular:

  • Right of access
  • Right of rectification
  • Right of cancellation
  • Right to restrict the use of personal data
  • Right to data portability
  • Right of objection

If the user believes that his or her rights under the GDPR have been violated, he or she may complain to the competent authority, which in Italy is the Garante della Privacy.

Affiliation Bet does not use users’ data for automated decision-making and profiling, as Article 22 of EU Regulation 2016/679 outlines. Furthermore, the data is only used for the purposes for which it was collected.

11. Declaration of consent

By ticking the appropriate box during the Affiliation Bet account creation process, or if an update is available after logging into your profile, you confirm that you have read and agree to what is written in this privacy policy. This consent can be withdrawn anytime by contacting the customer service department.

12. Security of personal data

The security of the personal data we collect is paramount, so we are committed to protecting all our information. By both the GDPR and other relevant standards, we take all necessary measures to prevent unauthorized parties from accessing our database and any other misuse of our users’ data. Similarly, we apply the same security measures to our staff regarding access to our data.

13. Links to other websites

There are links on Affiliation Bet’s site to other platforms, companies or persons, and Affiliation Bet is not responsible for the privacy policies of these pages. These links are offered as a means for users to inform themselves of the sources from which we obtain our information or the service providers we list on our platform and in our content.

14. Privacy policy updates

At its discretion, Affiliation Bet may amend and adapt its privacy policy if it deems it necessary, including adding or removing parts of it. Therefore, we encourage our users to check for any changes to the privacy policy. However, the most important changes will be notified by email or via a profile notification by Affiliation Bet. By using Affiliation Bet after making changes, you implicitly consent.

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