Decreto Dignità

Approved on 18 April 2019, the Decreto Dignità introduced important provisions against online and offline gambling advertising in Italy. Stricter regulation was adopted in response to the increase in cases of ludopathy in Italy, which reached 2.6 percent of adults in 2018.

This means that approximately 1.5 million people on the peninsula suffer from an addiction. If ignored, the disorder, characterized by obsessive behavior, is a potential cause of serious personal, family, and social consequences.

The measure ordered by the national authority complies with the principle of combating gambling. The enacted legislation stipulated that industry operators can only provide descriptive information about products and services.

For example, they can provide technical data about a slot machine or the functioning of available promotions. However, other forms of mere advertising, such as:

  • TV, radio, and print commercials.
  • Social media campaigns.
Decreto Dignità

Sponsorship of sporting events

Following the Decreto Dignità, important clarifications concerning sporting events also came about. With the same aims as above, the package of measures attempts to safeguard the interest of consumers. Specifically, it protects vulnerable groups, such as minors and people with addiction problems.

Indeed, gambling advertising risks being quite aggressive in the absence of careful restrictions. By placing limits, irresponsible conduct on the part of users can be prevented. The regulatory guidelines are clarified by the Communications Guarantee Authority (AGCOM), which only allows the following types of communication:

  • Signs and online domains of the various operators.
  • Information notices concerning gambling operators are based solely on the characteristics of products and services, such as jackpots and odds of winning.
  • Marketplaces and search engines make free indexing services available, provided the user has explicitly requested them.

Regarding sponsorship of sports events, the Decreto Dignità vetoed sponsorship by sports betting operators towards events or teams in Serie A (Italy’s top league) and any other minor league.

Ergo, from 1 July 2019 it is prohibited to display the logos of betting companies both on players’ shirts and on the sidelines. Concerning international events, such as the Premier League, La Liga, and the Champions League, the TVs broadcasting the matches must obscure any logos of the operators sponsoring the teams.

Ban of gambling advertisement with Decreto Dignità

The ban on gambling advertising is a concrete measure dictated by cases of gambling addiction. However, it must be strictly enforced to be effective. AGCOM is responsible for implementing a proper and thorough surveillance campaign on compliance with the Decreto Dignità, imposing sanctions on offenders.

It is still too early to say whether the advertising ban has achieved its aims. However, some reports have found that it has led to a reduction in gambling consumption, especially among young people. For example, in a study conducted by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, gambling consumption decreased by 20% among young people in the 14-19 age group after the ban.

However, the ban also had a significant effect on the industry. Several companies have given up sponsoring football teams, one of their brand’s main forms of visibility.

In general, the directive caused a reduction in investment in the sports sector. The players in the industry have, therefore, rejected the maneuver, as it is guilty of negatively affecting the economy and free competition. However, the government defined the protection of consumers, especially minors and the vulnerable, as essential.

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