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Every time a website is visited, it saves data on the user’s device, called a cookie.

Cookies are then sent to the site when you visit another document on the same portal and serve mainly to identify each user and distinguish them uniquely from all other visitors browsing the site’s pages simultaneously.

Session cookies are deleted when the browser is closed and represented by an identification code that can only be accessed by the site that issued them. In contrast, other cookies are longer and can be used to remember access data to a site or other useful information, such as the language setting.

Cookies su Affiliation Bet

Type and purpose of cookies

Websites alone cannot store their visitors and, therefore, use cookies to recognize the browser and preferences of each user so that this information can be stored and re-used each time the user accesses the site’s pages. The various types of cookies differ, such as function, duration, and who sets them on the site.

How Affiliation Bet uses cookies

To give our users the best quality experience possible, we at Affiliation Bet use commercial, analytical, functional, and technical cookies. The cookies we use have different lifespans, which can be as long as 20 years, but please note that you can delete cookies directly from your browser at any time.

Third-party cookies

For analysis and marketing purposes, Affiliation Bet uses cookies from third parties who need to have cookies on our site to offer us their services.

Managing cookie preferences on Affiliation Bet

Each user can decide directly from his or her browser whether or not to accept cookies or only some of them. You can change your preferences depending on the browser you use, but please note that by refusing some of the cookies, you may be unable to use all of the sites.

The cookies used by Affiliation Bet

Do you want to know what cookies are used by our site?

Technical cookies

Technical cookies make the site work properly by enabling some of the essential functions of a web page, such as navigability between pages and access to areas protected by a security system. You must always accept these cookies; otherwise, you cannot use the portal.

Cookies of this type include those that identify the security of traffic sources and those that enhance the user experience, such as session cookies.

Functional cookies

Functional cookies store preferences set by the user, such as language or geographical area. Among these, all those cookies optimize the user experience if there is a chat facility on the site to dialogue with bots or directly with an operator to request information or assistance.

Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies allow the site owner to have data with which to understand how visitors use the site by collecting information about it anonymously. On Affiliation Bet pages, we also use Google Analytics to carry out statistical surveys, and based on their results, we can improve our services and the user experience.

This type of cookie generates a unique code for each user. Then, it collects statistical data on how visitors use the site, e.g. indicating the last page visited before closing the session.

Commercial cookies

Commercial or marketing cookies track users’ activities on different websites to show banner advertisements relevant to the individual user and thus have more value for third-party advertisements. In particular, these cookies are used by Google AdWords to intercept all those users who are most likely to convert based on their activities on other websites.

Google and YouTube services

As for YouTube’s embedded videos, these are based on Google’s services, and if you log in to your Google profile, this search engine will also customize your experience on Affiliation Bet.

Most cookies used by Google generate data stored for two years, but remember that consent to processing one’s data is valid until 2038.

Rejecting cookies and services

If you wish to refuse cookies necessary for marketing purposes on Affiliation Bet, you can contact our customer service department. You can also block certain cookies directly from your browser, but this will not allow Affiliation Bet and other sites to offer all their services.

It is possible to reject certain types of cookies and services on the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.

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