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Affiliation Bet: Your Italian Gateway to Gambling Affiliation

Affiliation Bet is an affiliate network for gambling, online poker, and sports betting, where we offer a complete package to increase interactions and earnings.

Exclusive solutions for gaming affiliation

Flexible Gambling Deals

Our affiliates have access to customizable, competitive, and highly flexible revenue share agreements.

Fast and accurate commission payments

According to the agreement chosen by the affiliate, commissions are paid precisely, quickly and on time.

Dedicated and customized assistance

Each affiliate is offered a support and affiliate management service customized to the chosen agreement.

Secure and punctual payments

All commission payments are processed quickly and by secure and reliable methods.
Accurate and detailed analyses

Accurate and detailed analyses

Our backend system for affiliate marketing betting and gambling offers transparent and detailed analyses.

  • Daily report on income, deposits and commissions.
  • Flexible and customised performance overview.
  • Affiliate marketing tools and tailor-made offers.
Commission payments on request

Commission payments on request

On-demand and transparent payment management, always up-to-date overview of available fees.

“With Affiliation Bet, you no longer have to wait for monthly commission payments, you decide when to get paid”.

Giorgio Comotti Giorgio Comotti

How to earn money with online casinos and affiliations

Affiliation Bet offers affiliate programs for casinos, betting, e-wallets, and online poker. The offer is fully customizable, and one can combine programs to create a dual revenue stream or invite other sub-affiliates.

  • Daily updated analyses on deposits, fees and income.
  • Flexible and customised performance reporting.
  • Wide range of affiliations and marketing tools.

Exclusive service and support

Affiliation Bet offers dedicated and customized service and support to get the best possible results from the opportunities and challenges offered by affiliation in the online gambling industry.

Our affiliate network is worldwide and continuously growing

Our affiliate network is worldwide and continuously growing

Affiliation Bet is based in Europe but boasts a global network of affiliates that assists and supports effective, fast, and immediate solutions worldwide and for all gaming sectors.

Affiliates part of our global network
Main affiliate marketing sectors: online poker, casino, sports betting, e-wallets and trading
Profiles created through the activity of our affiliates and sub-affiliates
Total commissions earned by our affiliates


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